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Dog in the House” is a really fantastic, practical guide to dog ownership. It is very insightful and extremely easy to understand, with simple steps for more novice puppy owners and a wealth of information for seasoned dog lovers as well.

I highly recommend “A dog in the house” for anyone who’s considering bringing a puppy or adult dog into their lives and feel certain that with its practical, no-nonsense approach, this book will have a tangible, positive impact on helping families to integrate their new canine companion – and (more importantly) to actually help families set up a solid foundation for dog ownership which will last for life - something that sadly, too many dogs don’t get to enjoy.

There are many invaluable tips for achieving day-today harmony in living with pets, and some wonderful pointers on the way a dog’s mind works and how to interpret what he’s thinking or feeling. A definite must-read!

Lucy Postins

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A Dog in the House is a great read for any dog lover or potential dog lover!  The book is an easy and entertaining read that is also a highly informative book that deals with many issues that can arise when living with dogs.    From training tips, how to correct problem behaviors,  to how to deal with multiple dog families – the book is clearly written and has great pictures, along with practical advice.  As a novice dog trainer, I especially enjoyed the section on canine behaviors and how to be a good leader for your dog.  Each section is personalized with stories and anecdotes which make the information easier to understand.  I highly recommend this book.


Debra Jensen 



Liz Palika's new e-book, "A Dog in the House", is a great resource for dog owners and especially for owners currently considering a new dog.  I was impressed with the language and cadence of the book.  It was easy to read and filled with excellent information.  This is a must for new dog owners!"


Connie Kelly

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