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A Dog in the House! Experts Offer Advice on Living With (and Loving) Dogs









Chapter One: Chaos and Companionship: A Love Story

Chapter Two: Chihuahua or Mastiff: Make an Educated Choice

Chapter Three: When Seconds Count: Time Management Skills for Dog Owners

Chapter Four: Dimes and Dollars: Balancing the Dog Ownership Budget

Chapter Five: Canine Communication: Create a Better Understanding

Chapter Six: Be a Leader: Think of Yourself as a Parent

Chapter Seven: Dogs and Kids: A Perfect (and yet not so perfect) Partnership

Chapter Eight: Surviving Puppyhood: Hints to Help You Enjoy Your Puppy

Chapter Nine: The Stress of Adolescence: Skills for Surviving the Teenage Stage

Chapter Ten: Build a Foundation: Training the Basic Obedience Exercises

Chapter Eleven: On the Furniture or Off: Household Rules Make Life Easier

Chapter Twelve: A Canine Crowd: Living Peacefully with Multiple Dogs

Chapter Thirteen: Digging, Chewing, and Barking: Dealing with Problem Behaviors

Chapter Fourteen: Busy Dogs: Keep Mind and Body Exercised

Chapter Fifteen: Canine Nutrition: Tough Choices for Dog Owners

Chapter Sixteen: Coat, Teeth, Toe Nails: Body Care and Grooming Simplified

Chapter Seventeen: Away We Go: What to do When it's  Time for Vacation

Chapter Eighteen: Grey and Gimpy: Old Dogs are Precious

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